Excellent customer experience wins mall real estate award

Excellent customer experience wins mall real estate award

Only two years after opening its doors to the public, Ciata City Mall is already making a mark in the real estate scene, giving other businesses a run for their money.

Earlier this month, the mall was recognised at this year’s Real Estate Excellence Awards, winning in the category of the Most Improved In-house Retail business.

This category assesses family-owned and family-managed retail businesses, where a wide range of services are evaluated. The mall, a family-owned business, located along Kiambu Road just before the Ridgeways junction, was opened in 2017. The main tenants include Naivas, Java, NIC Bank, Saape, Bonfire Ventures, Victory Furniture, Cedar Pharmacy, Pergas Carpets, Samsung, and Ashley Mashinani among others.

Real Estate Excellence Awards, now in its second year, celebrates players in the real estate sphere who have been outstanding in their line of business. With its convenient location, diversity of amenities, cleanliness, high security, and top-of-the-drawer services, Ciata City Mall beat two other contenders to triumph in the first position. 

Real estate award a game changer

For the mall owners, this recognition is not just a shot in the arm but also a game-changer.

‘‘Ours is a young business, and winning the award meant that the mall management’s efforts to ensure a pleasant customer experience through our services haven’t gone unnoticed,’’ says Dr. Susan Kibue, a director at Ciata City Mall.

‘‘This recognition now means that we have to do even better in our service delivery to maintain this reputation among our clientele and other stakeholders,’’ she adds.

‘‘Customer experience is key. We are working hard to ensure that all people who visit our mall are able to access all the services and amenities that they need, and in the most conducive and safe environment,’’ Dr. Kibue says, adding that the management is determined to continue improving the mall.

Notably, participants are not required to apply for these awards. Instead, the organizers conduct their independent survey by engaging customers and members of the public to assess the mall. Based on their feedback, the business is graded.

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